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Powered by public domain data from the U.S. Department of Education, CollegeCalc provides in-depth college cost estimations by school. Additionally regional, state and online college affordability guides, price rankings and cost calculators can help with your search.

Begin your college search by browsing the best value colleges in America, college listings alphabetically by state or our national and state university cost rankings to find the cheapest colleges in your region.. Explore individual college's in-state, out-of-state and average net prices then feed them into our school specific student loan calculators and future cost estimation tools.

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Future College Cost

Colleges by State

The Best Value Colleges in America for 2023 explore the full list

School Average Net Price Rating
1 Yale University $17,511 98
2 Harvard University $18,037 98
3 Princeton University $18,685 99
4 Amherst College $18,832 96
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology $19,998 98

Most Expensive Tuition In the U.S.view all

1 Franklin and Marshall College $63,216
2 Kenyon College $63,060
3 Reed College $62,420
4 Vassar College $61,940
5 Tufts University $61,646

Simplifying College Cost Calculation

Where can I find an affordable college? What will college cost when I or my child is old enough to attend? How much should I be saving for a university education now? What will my student loan payments be and can I afford them? These are questions asked every day by parents and prospective college students but require complex financial calculations to answer. We help cut through the confusion by offering accurate, easy to use college cost calculators.

CollegeCalc's college cost guides, student loan calculators and college saving planning tools will help you navigate the challenges of college cost calculation. Utilizing a comprehensive database of over 4,000 schools' prices, CollegeCalc enables you to see financial analysis tailored to your specific college or university. Get started by locating your prospective school.